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brass crown, 25% DISCOUNT! Brass and melchior minimalistic elvish circlet “Water Flowers”; Medieval Crown; Elvish Crown; renaissance diadem



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You may pay by \u0421REDIT CARD without being a PayPal member! Press \u201cPay with Paypal\u201d, then \u201cPay with Debit or Credit Card\u201d at the bottom of the form. measure your head circumference before ordering to check if this size fits you.Materials:- 1.5mm Melchoir;- 1.5mm Brass;- Rivets.Measurements:- Legnth: 54cm (21 \u00b9\u2077/\u2086\u2084'');- General circlet maximum width: 4.5cm (1 \u2074\u2079/\u2086\u2084'');- Metal widest width: 5mm (\u00b9\u00b3/\u2086\u2084'').Features:- Two-tone;- Well finished;- Elven design;- Pointed at the forehead;- One-size-fits-all.Please contact us if you have any additional questions.\u201cWater Flowers\u201d Minimalistic CircletBrass and Melchior elvish circletOur \u201cWater Flowers\u201d collection absolutely radiates elvish effortlessness, consisting of soft cotton and silk dresses, flowing lines and metal accessories that compliment the look perfectly. We created these items so that absolutely everyone can feel like an ethereal elven creature and experience the sheer joy that comes from that kind of costume.This circlet is one of the more minimalistic additions to the collection, focussing on the simplistic merits of high-quality materials and fine finishing, opposed to ornate enamel or complicated designs. Three threads of metal twist themselves together across the circlet, dancing into a graceful, distinctly elvish point at the front. We\u2019ve used two different metals: melchior and brass. Melchoir has a lovely silver tone to it and is used in a lot of high-end jewellery. The cool silver is punctuated with a line of warm, shiny brass to add contrast as it weaves through the other metal.Designed by our resident artist and hand-finished by our master jeweller, everything about this circlet has been created at ArmStreet so you won\u2019t find anything quite this perfect anywhere else! The whole thing is very well constructed, with countersunk rivets holding it at structurally important points, and carefully finished edges.This is a one-size-fits-most item, as it does not close at the back. It can be gently adjusted to fit you perfectly with just a little bit of very careful bending, which means you can still wear it even when you change your hairstyle or add additional head coverings, such as a veil. If you\u2019re not interested in the minimalistic style of this circlet, you might want to look at our \u201cWater Flowers\u201d Enamelled Circlet, which includes floral shapes and has just a little bit more embellishment to it.Collection: https://www./shop/armstreet?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=108917723&search_query=water+flowers, renaissance crown

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