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love, LOVE" - Bracelet with secret message



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Delivery time within Germany: 3-5 days from payment.**"LOVE" - Bracelet with secret message - crystals, agate and rock crystal**_You want to tell a dear person what he means to you?__Then this bracelet is just right for you._Using Morse code, a message is encoded into the piece of jewelry using pearls.The bracelet incorporates sparkling rhinestone crystals (best quality), agate beads and rock crystal hearts.The small pendant, consisting of a silver feather and a rock crystal heart, gives the bracelet a very special touch.A rock crystal heart is always incorporated between the individual letters.Ideal as a gift, as a friendship band or simply to say "You lie to me"._Due to the adjustable length, it can be adapted to any wrist._**Size**Circumference 16-23 cmAgate: 8 mmHeart of rock crystal: 12 x 12 mmRhinestone crystals: 5 mmSeed beads: 3 mmSpring: 18 x 5 mmColour Band: white**Materials used**Bergristall HerzenEight beadsCrystalsRocaillesFeather in silver-coloured metalBand**Production type**Handmade with Love, code

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