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silver, Mala Rose Quartz Agate



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Beautiful hand-knotted mala with 108 gemstones, consisting of turquoise/green agate and rose quartz, with a silver-plated guru pearl and turquoise tassel.The agate is one of the most important protective stones. It keeps negative energies away and leads to inner balance. Agate healing stones can generate ideas and help with many mental and physical sufferings.According to history, the God of love, eros or amor, brought the rose quartz to the earth to give love to men. The healing effects of the rose quartz also have to do with this, because it is considered a healing stone for the heart and is called a love stone. The feelings such as love, romance, sensitivity, connection and harmony are closely linked. This gemstone can therefore be used to heal relationship fears, it has a calming effect on the mind and the heart is opened. Therefore, the stone can be used to strengthen a relationship and harmony in the relationship is promoted.The total length is approx. 48 cm.The Mala is hand-knotted with a lot of love and care, charged with positive energy should give the wearer a lot of joy.The mala is sent in an organzas bag.To charge the gems, put Mala in the sun.The gemstone beads are a natural product and can differ minimally, this is not a faulty product but each unique in itself.Each mala can also be customized on request, just write to me., blue

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