Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Necklaceearrings, bracelet & earrings "Silver starlet"



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The **jewelry set** consists of a **necklace and a bracelet with silver-plated magnetic clasp** and **earrings with rhodium-coated hooks**. The **large glass-sized box beads** are transparent with **silver-grey stars**, in between there are **curved metal tubes** in silver. **An absolute eye-catcher!****_100% hautfreundlich_****Dimensions**Necklace length: 40 cmBracelet Length: 21 cmEarrings length: 5 cm* * Materials * *Perlon threadMagbet closure silver-platedEar hooks with rhodium coatingGlass beads in transparent with starsMetal tubes in silver**Production type**Handmade, metal tubes

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