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Tiny Sea Urchin Charmtitan, Shell Charm



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*Meet Titan ....A tiny, beautiful sterling silver sea urchin charm !!Cast in sterling silver from a real miniature sea urchin. This little guy is totally gorgeous ! He has every little tiny detail and is even hollow. He's really light but also very strong (hence his name!) Titan doesn't do much really, but loves a latte and watching the world swim by. Charm - 10mm x 10mm Sterling silverPLEASE NOTE *****Last Order dates from A Wolf and I in order to receive your magical, enchanting A Wolf and I goodies in time for Christmas are: UK Special Delivery - 17th DecemberUS Tracked - 8th DecemberEurope Tracked - 8th DecemberOur shop will remain open over the holiday but any orders that arrive after 17th will be shipped after the 4th January.Thank you!!!!! , shell

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