Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Strong medium weight bronze chain with 3x5mm links for jewelry and craftsbronze chain, chain tasselsbronze chain, tasselsbronze chain, necklacesbronze chain, 60 feetbronze chain, USA shop in TN



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Strong medium weight bronze chain for bracelets and necklaces. It has 3x5mm links and is perfect for jewelry and crafts, chain tassels, tassels, necklaces, 60 feet, USA shop in TN.I only charge actual USPS shipping cost, excess is refunded.This jewelry chain has a beautiful bronze finish and is suitable for so many different jewelry and craft projects. It is free of nickel and lead. This is a medium weight chain and quite durable, great for bracelets and necklaces.The link size is 3x5 mm Material: IronFree of nickel and leadI have more chain in stock in case you need a larger amount. Simply contact me and I'll make you a custom listing., findings

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