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wrap bracelet, Karma Reclaimed Leather Yoga Wrap Bracelet - Custom Stamp



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Karma \u0915\u0930\u094d\u092e is a cycle of cause and effect. Made from reclaimed (aka "thrown away") leather, these bracelets are made of the ultimate karmic energy. Many practicing yogis and spiritual visionaries do not wish to buy or wear animal products but there is something righteous about energetically reclaiming leather that would otherwise be wasted.Because all of the leather is reclaimed, each piece is unique in size, length, width, color, and fit. The general style of these bracelets is ~1" in width and a couple of feet long for ultimate wrapping purposes. Your clasp and closure will depend on the piece of leather itself and what fits best. Currently Available:"Travel Lightly""Consciousness is Sexy" (much shorter, leather is an awesome burnout gray color, one of my favs!)"Radiate"Custom requests: - Metal stamping mantras and words. - Color of clasps / chains/ rivets (to a degree)- Any other custom requests welcome and will be met with accuracy and creativity as much as possible, mantra bracelet

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