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OM Sterling Silver Tag Pendant - .935 Argentium - relax - Buddhism - calm - meditation



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A reminder to take time for rest and mindfulness during your day!* 10 mm (less than 1/2") x 26 mm (about 1") hand-stamped Argentium Sterling pendantThe item in the photo is an example of the item you'll receive. "I made it myself." Really. Every stamped piece of jewelry here is hand-stamped and patinaed by yours truly, with verve, determination, and salty language. This is a no-frills operation, I'm a one-person shop. Hand-stamping means variation: letters may not always be perfectly aligned, or exactly the same depth. This is intentional, to wit: they are all different. I know it happens, and it's on purpose! You'll have a one-of-a-kind piece that was *not* made in a factory.*** About Argentium Silver\u00ae: ***Argentium Silver\u00ae is a modern, patented material in which Germanium is used instead of copper to create .935 pure Sterling. This inclusion gives Argentium Silver\u00ae a self-healing, protective layer on the surface that slows tarnishing and oxidization, and gives the silver a whiter color than traditional (.925) sterling. Argentium Silver\u00ae is highly resistant to tarnish caused by pollution, perspiration, and UV light.TL/DR: The Argentium company took traditional Sterling, applied SCIENCE, and made it BETTER.There Was A Star Danced is licensed by Argentium\u00ae International Ltd. to use the Argentium Silver\u00ae hallmark and branding.

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