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Aztec facehippie, Mayanhippie, Tribalhippie, Hippie Stylehippie, Jewelryhippie, Aztec goldhippie, dark gray paint / porcelain pendant necklace handmade Christmas gift. Top-10



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Aztec face, Mayan, Tribal, Hippie Style, Jewelry, Aztec gold, dark gray paint / porcelain pendant necklace handmade Christmas gift. Top-10............................................\u2022\u2022\u2022\u2022 My aim is to create a collection of unique and beautifully made porcelain jewelry to express your individuality \u2022\u2022\u2022\u2022--------------------------------READY TO BE SENT!--------------------------------* My own design* My own porcelain mixing recipe* Only 1 available. Unique, one-of-a-kind pendant!Pendant is about 2 3/4 inch high x 2 inch wide Weight is about 1 oz.Cord is adjustable from 12\u201d to 32\u201d==================================================================!! One-Of-A-Kind, eco friendly, handmade! All my porcelain jewelry is One-of-a-Kind, which means your piece will be One-of-a-Kind!==================================================================!! All my pendants comes in a NICE & STYLISH gift box !!!==================================================================!!! Always check item image with the ruler & quarter to accurately determine the size of the jewelry !!!==================================================================This porcelain piece is handmade by me and fired two times in a kiln. The 2nd firing was at 2380\u00b0 F (Cone 10) for 16 hours and cooling time is about 25 hours. Last step \u2013 the paint and glaze on both sides was applied, and it is fired again. Total processing time for a piece was about 10 days.! Each material can be strong in some ways and weak in others! Please remember that this jewelry is made from strong enough real porcelain but should be handle with care to ensure striking with hard objects or surfaces during wear.! The porcelain elements can be cleaned by using a soapy water on a soft brush over the surface.* All my items are delivered in a stylish jewelry boxes ready to give to someone special or to keep for yourself.* If you have any questions , or would like to request a custom order please contact me. I welcome reserves and I am thrilled to design custom pieces.Check my other handmade porcelain jewelry:https://www./shop/EuropeanStyleJewelry nearly 20 years, I worked as an artist in the jewelry industry for one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in Europe. With a genuine passion for the business, I have always worked on my own projects, and now have hundreds of my own unique pieces \u2013 from pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, to brooches and eclectic statement pieces.Over the next couple of months, my mission is to share my artwork with you. Check back often to find unique, one-of-a-kind porcelain jewelry creations.I work only with real porcelain and mix several recipes depending on the shape and overall look of the final piece I\u2019m trying to achieve. All pieces, including the porcelain ingredients and finishing glaze, are lead-free and non-toxic.==================================================================I currently only ship within the United States. If you need shipment beyond the US or have a special order, please contact me and I will work with you!==================================================================Thank you for visiting my store and good luck!..........................................................Aztec face, Mayan, Tribal, Hippie Style, Jewelry, Aztec gold, dark gray paint / porcelain pendant necklace handmade Christmas gift., face

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