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quartz, Polished Smoky Channeling Quartz Crystal Single Point



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This Brazilian Quartz Crystal is hand polished. The shape of the crystal is how it grew, the shine is human made. The main face with seven edges (see photo with rain drops) and the oposing triangle makes is a Channeling or Channeler Quartz Crystal. Directly behind that seven-sided face, is a three-sided or triangle face (a seven three). The best way to see this smoky quartz is in a video. Please copy and paste the URL in your browser: tall single point polished smoky quartz crystal weights a bit over a pound or 490 g. Almost 5 inches or 12 cm high it makes a great tabletop or altar piece if you're looking for a light brown, not too dark smoky quartz.On one of the sides you can see lines inside the crystal that a 45\u00b0 angle that could be part of a phantom (photo 3 & 4).With a crystal of this size and weight a padded priority envelope is the most economical way to ship it. Please note: I ship USPS only. The padded envelope might be the best option is the best for this crystal if you need it quickly. You may of course add more items to a priority shipment. If you want this crystal shipped internationally, please send me a convo before buying, so we can figure out the most economical way of shipping. Please contact me if you're interested in overnight service.More Photos:, crystal healing

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