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I always loved grab bags as a child! The mystery of what could be hidden in that bag was so tantalizing. This one would most likely be jewelry--earrings, a pendant, or a ring. Whatever it is will have a value of more than $12! Sometimes, despite careful designing, shaping, and fire polishing, a glass piece will just have a mind of its own and I will end up with something that's just off by a little bit. Maybe earrings with a slight size difference, for example. Personally, I don't mind that, as I wear some favorite earrings like this all the time--I figure, after all, my ears are not side by side, so nobody notices if one earring is slightly larger than the other. However, I don't feel quite right posting these items for full price in my shop, though I know folks who purchase from artisans on Etsy realize that everything is handmade, not precision/factory made. So, try your luck on a grab bag! It's a good price. It will be artful, colorful, and beautiful--and a SURPRISE!, jewelry destash

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