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head crown, Medieval Brass Crown "Trefoil"



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You may pay by \u0421REDIT CARD without being a PayPal member! Press \u201cPay with Paypal\u201d, then \u201cPay with Debit or Credit Card\u201d at the bottom of the form. crown "Trefoil"his circlet has been designed as a part of our Frank's collection. Circlet or crown is an important part of noble character look so as soon as you're going to enjoy any medieval, LARP, SCA event in style you need one to complete your costume. This elegant floral ornament matches the trim pattern of the Frank's dress but you can use this circlet with any other costume or dress as well. We redesigned our original version a bit to make the whole look more elegant. Manufacturing and shipping from Ukraine takes about 6-8 weeks. Materials and size:- Brass (1.5 mm) - Head: 55 cm to 62 cm (21.5'' to 24.5'') Please measure your head circumference before ordering to check if this size fits you., head crown

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