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monotone, Silver and Snowflake Obsidian Heart Earrings with Butterfly Posts



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Pretty 925 Silver Snowflake Obsidian heart earrings with butterfly and post backs, for pierced ears. \r\rThese earrings have a 3cm drop. The hearts are 14mm wide, the same in height. They are "puffy hearts" with an approximate thickness of 4mm. The silver of the upper hearts has a good solid thickness and weighty feel. The butterfly backs fit tightly on the posts, needing a good push; so they are unlikely to fall out while in use.\r\rThese would look great with a black velvet dress, or any black & white or black & grey outfit.\r\rSnowflake Obsidian is said to have the property of being calming and balancing during times of change. It can guard against negativity; encouraging a trend towards happiness and good fortune. \r\rThe snowflake pattern was formed many centuries ago, when volcanic ash fell into rivers and small bubbles were formed. The fossilized bubbles then became the snowy marks on the black volcanic rock, which we know and love today.\r\rBuy these with another pair of earrings or any other item, and pay no extra postage., snowflake obsidian

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