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Salt Life Beautiful and unique this triple wrap bracelet is made from distressed green leather, Amazonite, Jade and Pyrite. A decorative gold button is used for adjustable loop closure, and fits a 6 - 8 inch wrist (button may vary). This bracelet stands on its own or can be combined and stacked with other bracelets from our collection or worn with a special bracelet of your own. Its beautiful colors and tones can be mixed with many looks in your wardrobe from casual to dressy. The gem Amazonite possesses a powerful energy like the river which it bears the name, but is also capable of calming negativity . In ancient China, as well as today, Jade is considered to bring luck, and often worn as an amulet. Pyrite derived its name from the Greek word "pyros\u201d meaning fire. It is a fire stone, and when struck produces sparks. It is said to remove mental blocks and can be used be used to solve problems.DetailsFits a 6 - 8-inch wristAmazonite, Jade and Pyrite14mm Decorative Gold ButtomDistressed Green Leather22 inches in length, approximatelyThank you for visiting BeeInspiredHandmade! Please contact us with special requests. We love to design with your special requests in mind. Please visit our other Etsy shop for Invitations, Note Cards and Paper Accessories found here: https://www./shop/beenoteit, pyrite bracelet

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