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best dad, Best Dad on Earth Lapel Pin



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This wonderful and unique lapel pin is the perfect elegant gift you can give you dad. It is the standard 7/8 \u201c size of a lapel pin, but also can be worn on a hat or a shirt pocket.\r\rThe image is a U.S. weather satellite picture of America on a perfect cloudless night over our nation \u2013 the most beautiful night picture ever taken of the American continent. The cities are lit up, and the lights sparkle against the darkness of the oceans. If you look at the pin in sunlight or in bright interior light, America will glow out of the darkness as it does in space.\r\rThe words BEST DAD framed by stars is raised against the silver background of the metal.\r\rThe message of this unique lapel pin is clear : You are the Best Dad, my glorious light in the darkness., best dad

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