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Ladybug Box Plain Heart Locket



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This listing is for 1 stainless steel heart locket and 1 stainless steel necklace of your choice or keychain. This heart lockets can fit about 5 charms (not birthstones) in it. It may fit 6. Each charm size varies depending on what it is. If you have a question weather or not you can fit an extra charm in your locket, please message me first before placing your order. That way I can see if it will fit with the charms that you want in your locket.*With the heart locket, there is no stampable disk to fit in the back of the locket like the round lockets. This heart locket is for charms and birthstones only. To add the charms and birthstones, click on the 'Lockets' tab on the left of the page to add.

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