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jewelry, HOLE_02 ring from "HOLE & NAIL" Collection. Unique Limited Edition of modern alpaca rings. Punk trend style.



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ATTENTION! PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU ORDER. Since my jewelry is a limited hand made collection please CONTACT meBEFORE making order. HOLE_02 RINGfrom \u201cHOLE & NAIL\u201d CollectionLimited Edition.Unique handmade collection of nails and holes modern alpaca rings.Punk trend style.Handmade alpaca ring.Comes in a shiny finish.Oxidized inside.Limited Edition of only 10 pieces.Ring weight aprox.: 11Size: EU 14The size is customizable, after you send me a message with your precise measure.Dimensions aprox.: 7 mm / 12 mm x 20 mm x 23 mmUS: 2,7 inch / x 5,1 inch x 7,8 inch x 8,6 inchMore form this collection:https://www./listing/173174858/nail04-ring-from-hole-nail-collection?ref=related-0https://www./listing/179873726/nail05-ring-from-hole-nail-collectionhttps://www./listing/169406780/hole01-ring-from-hole-nail-collection?ref=pr_shophttps://www./listing/168825685/nail01-ring-from-hole-nail-collectionhttps://www./listing/170484517/nail02-ring-from-hole-nail-collection?ref=pr_shophttps://www./listing/171339117/nail03-ring-from-hole-nail-collection?ref=shop_home_active, jewelry

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