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colorful, Day of the Dead Jewelry - Catrina with Skulls – Charm Bracelet with Altered Bamboo Beads



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This is a charm bracelet featuring 6 beads. Each bead is about 1.5" long X .5" wide. I've hand altered the bamboo beads with images of Posada's Catrina illustrations with a waterslide method. The beads are sealed with varnish and are very durable and water resistant. Each bead has a slightly weathered look. Fits a wrist of 7 inches.Alternating bone skull beads are used to separate the imagery.Each bead is wired by hand and attached to a stainless steel bracelet. Overall this bracelet is very lightweight.I have SO much fun making these bracelets!This jewelry was designed and hand made by artist, Cindy Couling., catrina

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