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couples keychains, KEYS to my HEART for TWO **Vintage Coin Keychain set**



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KEYS to my HEART for TWO **Vintage Coin Keychain set** This Lucky Penny Coin Jewelry Set has been hand carved with two hearts and two keys on each side. ThIs is a great gift for friends and couples! The two pieces will fit back together almost seamlessly!!This picture shows the style of carving but each order will be specially carved just for you. These British copper pennies are the approximate size of a half dollar. The coins I have are dated back to the late 1800's and were discontinued in 1967. If you would like one of these pennies over 100 yrs old with Queen Victoria please select that option there is a slight extra cost but I love to use them, I can only imagine the stories those coins could tell in they spoke!!!, heart necklace

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