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lotus, Sterling Silver Lotus Flower And Pearl Earrings



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I just love lotus flowers and what they stand for. They start life at the bottom of the mud in a pond. As they grow they break above water. \r\rThe lotus flower symbolizes the awaking to a new reality or overcoming a great struggle. The pearl begins as a speck of dirt and turns into a thing of beautiful. Even without those things both the pearl and the lotus flower are just beautiful.\r\rAll of the wire and findings used in these earrings are sterling silver. The lotus is 19mm and electroplated in sterling silver. For all intensive purposes you get the same benefits as total sterling without the cost. This sterling plating will not chip or wear off no matter what you do. I've tried to get to the brass in the middle with no success.\r\rThe earrings will come in a protective gift box. They will ship out the same or next day after payment., spiritual

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